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Posted on 09-18-14, 03:43 pm

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The best MKDS Hacking Place is alive now!!!
This is Ermelber's post:
Posted by Ermelber
Good News, because it's back!
Get your arse back on the right grounds, now!

However, it's not fully the same, anymore.
Read the changes here.

As for MKDS Central, it'll be shut down on 30th September.

--  Ermelber

Go to DSHack and enjoy with MKDS Hacking!!
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Posted on 09-18-14, 06:52 pm
Super Mario
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Back to the crappy IPBoard software? Um, ok.

Anyway, cool
Posted on 09-19-14, 02:08 am, deleted by  Dirbaio: You're not a mod
Posted on 09-19-14, 03:02 am (rev. 1 by  gridatttack on 09-19-14, 05:17 pm)

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Posted by py_hacker
Deleted post

And Dirb didn't close this thread.

Posted on 09-19-14, 10:43 am

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Wow! I didn't know that it will happened. Good that is still alive. I'm might gonna create an account afternoon.
Posted on 09-19-14, 12:23 pm (rev. 1 by  New Super Wario2 on 09-19-14, 12:23 pm)

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MKDS Hacking is easy, like NSMB Hacking, so you can make MKDS hacks.
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Posted on 09-19-14, 12:33 pm
Roy Koopa
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Good to know. This site was the only thing keeping MKDS hacking alive before it went down.
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Posted on 09-23-14, 07:43 pm (rev. 1 by Yami on 09-23-14, 07:43 pm)

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Just to add something to it: We (or actually, Gericom and I) are currently exploring Mario Kart 7 Hacking, and so far, we had Updates, every day.
You can follow its Progress here:
Posted on 09-23-14, 07:53 pm
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Fuck no.
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Posted on 09-23-14, 08:17 pm

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Well, he has proven to be knowledgeable, he changed a lot, since his Ban.
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