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Posted on 09-18-14, 12:07 am
Giant Red Koopa

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Im trying to play the 3rd aniversery hack, but I'm having some problems with no$gba.

1. sound is weird. really weird.
and 2, its really anyoying, I cant see in water! what do I change to fix it? 1-1 and 1-2 both have water, and I cant beat 1-2.
Posted on 09-18-14, 12:30 am
Once upon a time there was a tiger.

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Yeah, No$GBA makes the almost complete / really complete transparency black / dark grey. Use desume or a play on a real DS (R4, FlashcardDSTwo, ect).

Or another emulator. But fixing that in No$GBA is not possible. Sorry.
Posted on 09-18-14, 12:56 am
Giant Red Koopa

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i tries desume , but it just crashed...
and I dont have a flashcard + dont want to use it on my 3ds (my dsi broke)
Posted on 09-18-14, 01:01 am
Once upon a time there was a tiger.

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Try another emulator then. I heard that hamza liked NeonDS, but that's maybe only a rumor.

Posted on 09-18-14, 02:45 am
Roy Koopa
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If Desmume crashes for you, you may have an obsolete version. The early revisions are practically useless. I don't know if this is the latest version, but I'm on 0.9.8 and everything works exceptionally well, aside from the occasionally glitchy appearance of some sprites in NSMB.
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Posted on 09-18-14, 09:39 am

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You may also want to try the latest svn builds for the latest fixes and features or 0.9.7 for action replay code compatibility (I don't think they have restored that in the latest ones).
Posted on 09-18-14, 12:23 pm (rev. 2 by  SaturnYoshi on 09-18-14, 03:54 pm)
Giant Red Koopa

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I got desume from, I downloaded the top one.
I will look at NeonDS, thank you guys for your help!

3D sprites display weird on no$ too, I wonder why this happens.

EDIT: It crashes after the Nintendo startup screen...

EDIT2:got desmume working, by downloading a old version
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