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Posted on 04-08-18, 11:33 pm, deleted by RicBent: i said dont
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if you get the error Xdelta3: target window checksum mismatch: XD3_INVALID_INPUT then you need to try a different rom. try a US rom
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Posted on 06-07-18, 09:23 pm

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It would be helpful if you would specify what "this error" is.
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Good thing i switched to microsoft, lmao
I could only get Skawo's rom because it had mac support. (I mean in the downloading and patching process)
If there was a Xdeltaui.dmg or, it would be better for the 10% of the people here
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I think there is an easier way.
There is this website that patches your rom and can skip the checksum.
If someone doesn't want to find the correct rom, there's this site
Btw you have to use a U or E rom depending of the creator of hack.
Posted on 04-22-19, 08:28 pm
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something else: a common mistake people make when making patches it to use a rom that has been opened with NSMBe as their source rom. NSMBe automatically decompresses overlay 0 of a rom if it isn't already decompressed, which means clean roms get modified when opened. this means you may need to have copies of E and U roms that have been opened with NSMBe too.
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