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Basically, I only have the one room done, but.. I promise this will be a great hack once done. I need to think of a good story that fits with my name...This will only play for a fraction of the whole game! (maybe an hour or two at most)

I plan on at least 6 of the bosses, and about 3 or 4 dungeons. The quest will end after the Master Sword, as I am renaming it the Lightbringer. (Basically meaning it breaks the curse of the Dark Days drawn upon the land)

So anyways... here is link's house.

You may wonder why you get the cape as the very first item but... that's a secret that you will find out when playing! ^-^ Scratch that, I forgot I put a bombable door there, my bad. <_<; However the cape will be important when in a stealth part.

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That looks nice! I am looking forward to seeing new dungeons!

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Music Hacker needed! PM me if you wish!
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This reminds me of my unfinished Atari 2600 game. Links bow training.
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This look fun. But I have a website good place for you to show your progress of your hack. So here you go. Otherwise, you need sign up first so you can see anything on thread. If you are in guest, you will see nothing.
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