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Posted on 03-30-14, 06:56 pm

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While working with the graphics editor in build 376 I noticed this bothersome feature:
Any white pixels from imported bitmaps turn transparent. Now, I'm not sure if this is intended behavior, but if it is, it makes graphics editing extremely frustrating because I have to use the builtin "brush" and "bucket" tools to re-add every single white pixel that was in the original file each time I want to import it (this happens regardless of whether i recreate the palette.) Not only is this annoying, it's also completely unnecessary. I can add transparent pixels just fine using an external program or even with the builtin tools.

screenshot (bonus points for using uploader? ):

To help illustrate my problem, I have written a song about it:

TLDR (summary)
pls make the import bitmap buttons stop removing white pixels. i need them.


PS: I'm not this guy, I just happen to have the same name.
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Maybe I´m wrong but this thread does already exist:
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Posted on 03-30-14, 07:50 pm
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I guess the transparent color in the palette was actually a transparent white, so the importer thought that transparent was the best match for white. Fixed by ignoring the transparent color when matching colors.
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Oooooh, so THATS why white was getting transparent. A bug in the editor, yep. Thanks a lot, Piranhaplant!

Maybe we should publish a new build for this? It's a rather important bug, and they were complaining about it in the other thread
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