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Posted on 03-05-15, 02:22 am (rev. 1 by  LuigiXHero on 03-05-15, 02:23 am)

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Posted by Yami
I've put Ricco Harbour Music, in Mario Kart 7.

That's amazing. No not the fact that the music is there I already know that MK7 uses BCSTMs so that in theory shouldn't be hard. But the fact that you actually hacked and is playing it. I would love to get my hands on that information *drools* anyway I think I seen you somewhere? oh oh ok. I just can't wait until citra is useable and 3DS hacking infomation is public so I can hack NSMB2.

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Posted on 03-05-15, 10:39 am

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Well, some information is already publicly available.
Though it isn't much information, but it's enough to make some basic Hacks, basically.
But more will be documented, as Every File Explorer will be Developed (at least, if Gericom will finally get back to it, he's been spending Weeks on an App for his School).
Posted on 05-11-15, 02:28 pm (rev. 2 by  WhatTheHack on 05-19-15, 02:55 am)

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I have a Super Mario World ROM hack I am working on, so perhaps later on I will post some screenshots of the levels I have made thus far for everyone to see. I would do it know, as I post this reply, but I am on mobile, so I cannot upload the image files to a host.
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Posted on 01-25-16, 01:08 pm

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I did a recreation of E3 2004 GCN Yoshi Circuit for Mario Kart DS:

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