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Posted on 03-05-14, 01:58 am

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Hello, everyone.

My name is Ian.

I came here to this forum to request icons from NSMB Games to be made into sheets.

I didn't know where to post this, because there wasn't a Introductions Sub-Forum.
Posted on 03-05-14, 02:06 am

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Welcome. There might not be a subforum, but surely there is this

Also, what do you mean to "request" icons? As in, rip NSMB graphics?

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By icons, I meant stuff like:

Icons used for Stages like Airship, Castle, Ghost House, etc.

Posted on 03-05-14, 10:13 am
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You probably won't find stuff like that here. Have a look at Mario Fan Games Galaxy:

Posted on 03-07-14, 05:46 am (rev. 1 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 02:59 am)

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But I saw someone rip stuff from NSMB2:
Posted on 03-07-14, 06:44 am
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They were ripped so someone could import it into their NSMB Hack.

We don't rip graphics from NSMB. We hack NSMB.
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