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A. The basics


A correct level, for the community remix is often a Basic and cool level. It must look kinda like Nintendo's levels. (but can be a bit cooler)




If you make your level random, with tiles/sprite placed even more randomly, and/or with stuff totally opposite to the level theme, your level won't be considered as good.




Taking a level from a hack you made is usually a bad idea. It's maybe not allowed, by the way.

But I'm almost sure that taking a level from ANOTHER PEOPLE's hack is not allowed.

Same thing about stealing anyone's Community Remix level.

Ask a staff member for more info about the allowed/unallowed suff. (For example,  Dirbaio)

B. How to reserve a level-

That's quite simple.

You just have to got to the level thread, and reserve a level.

Example: "I'll take /-/ please, using the -------- tileset" (replace "/-/" by the level's number, and replace "--------" by the tileset's name)

Remember to use a Community Remix tileset if you can.

After a short time,  MarioFanatic64 will usually add you to the level list (if your request is correct)

Have a nice day! :drakva:


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This is actually a very nice thread! Good job!
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This will be helpful for me! Thanks!
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This thread is not so useful since it seems to be the same as

Just a little bit more specified for the CR.
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 Arceus: It's just some simple tips I had stuck in my head. I wrote them to be a bit useful for the community.
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a very nice and detail level suggestion for 1-1
also nice thread
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