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Posted on 10-13-13, 04:59 pm
Buster Beetle
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All is in the title.
It would be great if we can open another ROM while editing, because to do it, we have to close NSMB editor, and re-open it with another ROM, or open another NSMB editor. How about a CHANGE ROM button on the top of the editor? (Just after About Nsmbe)
I think it will be useful for slow computers, like mine.
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Posted on 10-13-13, 05:43 pm

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Yeah, I think this should be made. It's annoying at times when you have to restart NSMBe just to edit another ROM
Posted on 10-13-13, 05:44 pm
Full mod

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This was already suggested and rejected here. If you want to open multiple ROMs you'll have to use multiple instances of NSMBe.
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