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Posted on 09-01-13, 03:59 pm (rev. 1 by Matrako on 09-01-13, 04:00 pm)

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Hi everyone!

I know I do not post usually, however I have not found this and I think it should be shared

This summer, while modifying some of the levels I made a mistake placing a connected pipe and I ended creating a pipe that leaded to a previous level. That was unexpected... I thought the area overflow bug only allowed us to go to forward, not backwards.

Well, I have made a quick search and I have not found nothing about this issue so, here you go!

To create an entrance leading to any level of the current world (or any level onwards), just set the connected pipe check to unchecked, the connected pipe id to the number of the level (current one = 0, first level of the world = 1, second level = 2 and so on) and the destination area to the number of the area you want to go in that level. Also, both numeric entrances can also overflow...

For example, if you set a door in W4-2 with connected pipe id = 1 and destination area = 1, Mario will end in the first area of W4-1.

Al least, this works on an EUR version. I don't know about an US one, but I think it will work also. Sadly, you cannot go to levels from previous worlds... Or, at least, we don't know how yet...

Hope it helps!

Posted on 09-01-13, 04:02 pm (rev. 1 by  Arceus on 09-01-13, 04:17 pm)
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This bug is already known a looong time and it works for US-Version. Maybe its useful for newbies.

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Posted on 09-01-13, 04:04 pm

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I knew it, however, I had no idea that going backwards (to an exent) was possible. Maybe I should have done a better search before posting?
Posted on 09-01-13, 04:07 pm
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No, wait.

This is different than the area overflow bug.
The area overflow bug is done by setting Destination Area to a value greater than the number of areas in the level. Then you can go to areas of next levels, because the game isn't checking the area count when using the entrance.

But this is different. I didn't know this before, I'm not sure if anyone else did.

This thing is about the Connected Pipe ID field. It seems that, when the entrance is not a connected pipe, the game treats the Connected Pipe ID value as a level number.

And this one is probably not a bug... I'd say it's an unused feature. It must be coded on purpose.

Very interesting. Thanks, Matrako!
Posted on 09-01-13, 04:13 pm

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You're welcome!

Ufff... I had feared I was posting something known for a while... XD

Have a nice day everyone!
Posted on 09-01-13, 04:26 pm

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yeah, i discovered this yesterday, i was trying to connect two pipes in the level 1-5, when i entered in the pipe i was teleported to 1-1
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Posted on 09-01-13, 04:33 pm (rev. 1 by  gridatttack on 09-01-13, 04:33 pm)

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Awesome. Thanks. Perhaps I could finally polish more my hack using this 'bug'
However, when you exit, does the level has music?
I remember using the overflow bug, but the destination areas didnt loaded any music :<

Also, can you go to previous worlds?

Posted on 09-02-13, 01:32 pm (rev. 1 by  Hiccup on 09-02-13, 01:32 pm)

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No music, still messed up progress path, game still treats it as 1-3. This is in the US version.

I think it is another glitch.

But there is a thing used in toad houses that allows you to go anywhere on the current world map from a level.
But you need to find the entrance data in the hex editor (dirbaio, could you add a field for that in the editor).
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