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Posted on 08-03-13, 05:31 pm
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I´m editing the overworld of world 4. It works fine theres only one problem. I´ve edited the colour of the poison water in the file w4.nsmbd to white but as I tested it the water was still violet. It was brighter than before but still violet. I´m sure I´ve edited all what I could find. So I want to know are there other files for the poison water which I have to edit?
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Posted on 08-03-13, 05:37 pm
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They are probably using vertex colors for it. Vertex colors let you recolor your model without changing textures, but it is stored in the .nsbmd itself. So you can't change the color without making a new model.
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Posted on 08-04-13, 11:40 am
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Hmmm... A little time ago, I've edited the world 4 map's posion water to.
But it worked. I had not got any problems. What I did was export as png,
edit in Paint and then import png.
Posted on 08-05-13, 12:42 am (rev. 1 by  MarioFanatic64 on 08-05-13, 12:42 am)
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It has worked for me too in the past. I just replaced the poison water texture with the blue water texture from W1.
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