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Posted on 07-01-13, 05:18 am

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I need assist for these things i'm having trouble with.

I really want to create a poison water that rises up and down like level 6-2.
But in a MvL.
But im afraid it will crash the game. Also because the last time i tried.
The water kept going up.
I only want the water to rise up 4 blocks before lowering.
Should only have a 5 second cool down before going up and down.

I tested with my customized Mario vs Luigi level with the same rom
with another friend.
But the level loaded fine. but it was default.
Any ideas?
My friend had a TT.

Is it possible to make bosses in the middle of a level?
Like it will be a mini boss.
Example: Giant goomba
Posted on 07-01-13, 10:42 am
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1. Liquids don't work in MvsL mode AFAIK. So it will probably crash.

2. You probably forgot tonxlixk the NARC patch buttons in the tools tab.

3. Bosses crash if you use them in a level other than the original they were in, so no.

BTW welcome, and funny username
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Hi NotaBot

(1) You could use dirbaios ASM-Hack. It sould work then

(2) Maybe you forgot saving Look again in your Level. Maybe you can give more information.

(3) As  Dirbaio said. Also the levels ends with bosses (cutscene and Mario's pose)

Also 300 post
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Posted on 07-06-13, 04:30 am
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Now theres a new problem.
I have everything ready.
But the MvL didn't work.
It just showed white.
What Objects should not be allowed for the Levels?
Flandre Scarlet Layout done by  Lunarius
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