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Posted on 06-25-13, 05:28 pm
Giant Red Koopa

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Im extending tileset 0 and am wondering if we could use it and I could release it to everyone? It wont have new graphics or anything just more tiles
I wanna do something but meh.

Posted on 06-25-13, 08:19 pm

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I suggest we wait with tileset 0 a little more time to edit.
It is so much hardcoded, game can crash if edited wrong, wrong colors, ...
Posted on 06-26-13, 12:51 am (rev. 2 by  MarioFanatic64 on 06-26-13, 12:52 am)
Larry Koopa
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Yeah, I agree with Freeze. We should focus more on levels at the moment, and we can do more advanced stuff later.
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