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Posted on 06-12-13, 02:01 pm (rev. 1 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 02:35 am)
Red Koopa

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Hey there
I see,the CR doesnt goes on so much...
So I have to make a level for the CR,to bring it to go on
Maybe (I) we can use this:

I have an idea for one or more levels:
We can make a ghost ship like in SMW or in NSMBU.

I think it would be very nice
If we have a tileset for it,it probably will be great!
What do you think about it?

I'm out of Hacking. Of ALL HACKING...
I don't know how long, but there are so many reasons why I have no time to be here for a (long) while or to hack some game
sry guys...
Posted on 06-12-13, 02:33 pm
Giant Red Koopa

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Cool, Il make one! First of to make a tileset...
Posted on 06-12-13, 09:04 pm
me some orange juice my hand

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May I make some background? It may take some time, though.
Posted on 06-13-13, 04:19 am
Roy Koopa
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You should have suggested this in the Tileset thread, but meh.

Sounds like a good idea, as long as the tiles are 100% original. NSMBHD is prone to originality Nazis.
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