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Doesn't actually do anything.

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EDIT: Posts that were deleted in this thread are no longer deleted because karma.

This thread is only for submissions! All discussion of the contest and its entries go in the discussion thread!

Welcome everyone to another New Super Mario Bros. level design contest! This time around, however, we are working with and competing against the people over at SMWCentral. May the best website win!

Participants have until 11:59 PM Central Standard Time on June 30th July 21st to create a custom New Super Mario Bros. level that shows off your best level design skills. The rules and restrictions are listed below; breaking them will result in disqualification:

1. You may only submit one entry.
2. You may work with a partner.
3. Your entry must edit level 1-1, which has the maximum 3 areas.
4. Your level must include a midway point.
5. Your level must include three properly working star coins.

That's it. Those are the only restrictions.

Judging will be done using the following criteria:

Level Design (/20): The meat of this contest. How well does your level play? Is it fun, creative, and interesting, or does the player just want it to end?
Functionality (/10): Are there any glitches that prevent the player from completing your level, or otherwise annoy the player? Pay specific attention to the camera.
Appeal (/10): Does your level look good? Is it barren, or well decorated? Note that you don't have to use custom tilesets to give your level appeal.

Judging Applications:

Since this contest is being held in two communities at once, the judges will reflect that. Dirbaio has volunteered to be NSMBHD's judge, but we still need a backup judge! If you would like to apply for backup judge, simply play level 1-1 of this hack and send me a PM with your judging and criticisms as if it were a submission.

The backup judge will be selected based on your applications. In the case that the judge is unable to fulfill his/her duties, the backup judge will become the new judge. Judges are not allowed to submit levels, but backup judges are; if a backup judge later becomes a judge, his/her level will be disqualified.

Current Judges:
- ?????????? (SMWC)
- Dirbaio (NSMBHD)

Resources and Important Links:

These are the basic resources you need to make and test your level:
- NSMBe, the editor. It also includes a patch creater and inserter. (Custom music functionality is currently not supported within the editor). (Note: the current version NSMBe has a small bug. When you first open the editor, a window will pop up. Click "download", and it should work fine from then on)
- DeSmuME, a DS emulator. This should be used for testing, and will be used for judging.
- Our resource and tutorial forums. Note that the resource forum is new and there isn't much there yet.
- There is a video tutorial, courtesy of Garmichael, that teaches the basics of how to use the editor. You can find it here.


Prizes will be provided for the top 5 entries. They will be redeemable as Steam games of equal of lesser value and Amazon gift cards.

1st place: $15
2nd place: $10
3rd-5th places: $5

In addition to that, the top 3 placing entries will also receive trophies in the form of badges.

If you want to update your entry, make a new post! Do not edit your old post!
Posted on 05-19-13, 11:23 am

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I'll join.
Posted on 05-28-13, 06:45 pm (rev. 1 by  Emerl on 05-28-13, 06:46 pm)

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It's done =3
look here
My SMWC Profile
The Dark Mario Bros Youtube

Learning more about Touhou...
Posted on 06-11-13, 04:59 pm
Giant Red Koopa

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I can PUT TOGHETER (not make) tilesets for anyone that needs them just send me a spritesheet EACH TILE IS 16 X 16!
Posted on 06-11-13, 05:00 pm

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Posted by TRS
This thread is only for submissions! All discussion of the contest and its entries go in the discussion thread!

GitHub - Kuribo64 - YouTube
Posted on 06-26-13, 11:40 am

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Can someone please test my level and PM me or give me some feedback in the discussion thread. I worked really hard on this, but there are two more problems that I noticed. Why won't the red coins appear when I get the red coin ring and why does the level get frozen after I get the flag? Other than that, I think it is a good level, but it might be a little bit too hard. I don't know if that's just me.

Here is my submission

My New SMB Level
Posted on 06-26-13, 12:57 pm (rev. 1 by  Dirbaio on 06-26-13, 12:58 pm)
Super Mario
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Haven't checked your level yet but I guess your problem with the red coins is that you need to set the same input/output id in the ring and the coins. And that id shouldn't be 0.

About the level freezing, if you mean that all the sprites stop moving, that's normal, its how NSMB works and there's no way to change it (without asm)

Edit: meh just noticed this is the submissions thread and I went offtopic. Please continue this discussion in the discussion thread. Sorry
Posted on 06-26-13, 10:39 pm

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Okay, it should work now.

My New SMB Level
Posted on 06-27-13, 12:54 pm
All aboard the RandomTests train!

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Wow, so not-many entires. Perhaps I have chance for fifth place with awful entry... just kidding.

Download "So Bad, It's Good" level.
Posted on 06-29-13, 06:35 pm
All aboard the RandomTests train!

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OK, so I guess it's time to update my level. In this update, I fixed lots of bugs (it seems that pipes with height set to two show big Mario after entering these, so the exit pipe now has exit set to three), and actually named the level (no, "So Bad, It's Good" wasn't a name). Also, the final part of level was made more challenging.

Download SsSsSsSsSs, I guess
Posted on 06-29-13, 11:23 pm
me some orange juice my hand

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My entry: feat. traps, tileset, bonus, moar traps, and more!


Area 1:

Area 2:

Area 3:
Posted on 06-30-13, 02:08 am
Giant Red Koopa

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Couldnt you have posted a nmp...
Posted on 06-30-13, 05:39 pm

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My entry:

Forest Lake

Posted on 07-17-13, 09:41 pm (rev. 2 by shibboleet on 07-17-13, 10:08 pm)
Normal user

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Mah Entry
Lava Core
Posted on 07-21-13, 07:11 pm
Red Koopa

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Yesterday evening I came from my holiday trip
and remember about the I made
it easily on the last day O.o
So its not bad at all,but nothing spezial:

My Level - Rainbow Land
I'm out of Hacking. Of ALL HACKING...
I don't know how long, but there are so many reasons why I have no time to be here for a (long) while or to hack some game
sry guys...
Posted on 07-22-13, 03:57 am

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Updated entry:

Forest Lake v2.0

Posted on 07-22-13, 05:03 am
Doesn't actually do anything.

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If I'm not mistaken, the contest submission period has just closed. Thanks to the participants for their entries and we will begin judging ASAP.
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