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Posted on 04-05-13, 03:21 pm (rev. 1 by  Dirbaio on 04-05-13, 03:23 pm)

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So I have some questions about it:

  • How will Starcoins be implemented?
  • How will Red Flying ?-Blocks and Hammer Bros be implemented?
  • How will we manage Level-names?
  • What will the hub world look like? Different areas with different tilesets or what?
  • How much levels will be inside a world? Or do we even have "worlds"? One world is one area or what?
  • What will we do about the clarity in a hub world? NSMB is 2d and has just a very little screen. It will look very unclear when the hub world is like in SM64.

Posted on 04-06-13, 12:45 am
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From what was established a while back:

-The hub world is split into several rooms.
-Levels are unlocked by collecting enough Star Coins. Level 1 will be pre-unlocked obviously.

My assumptions:
-The Room contains doors or pipes that lead to the levels.
-I'd say there'd be between 5-10 levels per room.
-When you collect the Boss Key in one room, you unlock the next room.
-There may not even be any kind of names for levels. If we're not doing worlds, we can't even call them 1-1, 1-2, etc.
-About the "clarity" of the hub world, I think the hub worlds should be creatively designed so you can explore it to find the next level.

As for the Hammer Bros/? Blocks, I have no idea.
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Posted on 04-06-13, 02:36 am
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I'd say no Hammer Bros or ? blocks. These suck.
We can make fucktons of fun bonus games hidden in places in the hub world
Posted on 04-06-13, 10:45 am

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Ok thanks for answering my questions.
 Dirbaio: That sounds really great, indeed.
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