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Posted on 03-15-13, 10:40 pm
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Before posting a thread, make sure it complies with the following rules:

  1. This forum is for NSMB resources. This includes:
    • Tilesets
    • Backgrounds
    • Texture hacks
    • Model hacks
    • Overworld edits
    • and other stuff.

  2. You should post screenshots, so people can see what they're downloading.
  3. When posting something here, you agree that anyone can use whatever you posted in a hack, but they have to credit you.
  4. Upload your hacks to our awesome uploader so people don't have to deal with shitty ads and countdowns when downloading.

Don't make a thread if it breaks the rules. It will be deleted. No exceptions.
Posted on 04-17-14, 11:57 am, deleted by  Dirbaio
Posted on 06-05-15, 10:18 pm

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Is there a Crystal Caves Tileset available for New Super Mario Bros. DS?
Would love to make a level using that!
Posted on 09-19-15, 01:00 am
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Will do, sir Dirbaio!
Posted on 05-08-16, 09:08 am
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The awesome uploader doesn't exist anymore
New Sunshine Mario Bros.
Posted on 05-08-16, 09:18 am (rev. 1 by  KingYoshi on 05-08-16, 09:19 am)
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Posted by SuperMarioThree
The awesome uploader doesn't exist anymore

Posted on 05-12-16, 05:12 am
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If we still had the awesome uploader, I'd do a fancy jig and upload it to the uploader.
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Posted on 05-02-21, 02:38 am
Never gonna give NSSM up Bruh

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So can I ask someone to make tilesets for me there?
for example,"ask for a new logo for me"?
Posted on 05-02-21, 08:59 am
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Yes, If they want to do it

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