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<font size="4.5" color="orange">/NSMB/ Enemy Placement Competition - Bouncy Mushroom Sands</font>

In this competition you have to place the enemies in the provided template level. You also have to place 3 Star Coins, Entrances.

You can also add: the Midway-point, coins, power-up blocks, 1-up blocks, hidden 1-up blocks, and all other sprites.

The only tiles you can remove are: coins, this smallest desert block , pipes (only if you then add a different type of pipe in the same place (for example different colour, breakable/non-breakable/pipe cannon))

You cannot remove any sprites.

You can change the mid-way entrance and sprite sets in level settings.

Try and make good choices when making your layout choice.

I will choose the best.

When the competition is over I will post my finished level.
I have already made it.

You only need to post the nml, not my custom tilesets.

Deadline: 2 months

Good Luck

Remember to download the template level (linked to above)!
Posted on 01-18-13, 04:02 pm

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Here is my Submission: Area 1 Area 2

BTW: This should definately be in the NSMB Hacking Contests. Please, a mod should move it.
Posted on 01-18-13, 04:17 pm

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Thanks for submitting your level.

For some reason I cannot post in NSMB Hacking Contests.
Is it closed?
Posted on 01-18-13, 04:21 pm
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Well, the contests forum is locked from having new threads for a reason. So you should've asked before posting it in General Chat. It's hmkay this time, but ask in advance next time.

Moving this to the contests forum.
Posted on 01-18-13, 09:33 pm
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Are we allowed to place the tree from the Desert tileset? It's just scenery, after all...
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Posted on 01-19-13, 09:42 am

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Yes, go ahead with the trees.
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