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Posted on 09-27-14, 10:25 pm (rev. 1 by  SaturnYoshi on 09-27-14, 10:26 pm)
Giant Red Koopa

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thats because no one works on it

i mean there are only few specific people that do
Posted on 09-27-14, 10:32 pm, deleted by Thierry: video was taken down
Posted on 09-28-14, 10:07 am
Red Cheep-cheep

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Not sure how this could fit in, but I had to put it here because it is an AWESOME remix.
MAYBE it could be used as a final boss theme? (But that really depends on what the final boss is like)
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Posted on 04-19-17, 02:45 am

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Sorry for the bump.

I wanted to work on a storm level so
Posted on 07-02-18, 05:20 pm
W1 out :)

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I would suggest this song: YT Link
It's a Chemical Plant Zone Remix and it would fit in some chilling athomsphere levels (at least that's what i think)
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Posted on 08-11-19, 01:13 am

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Do you think I can use an mp3 file or something because I just created this account and I think I can make a song using my NSMB DS .sf2 file!
Posted on 08-11-19, 01:26 am
この記号は… 解読できないよ…

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go ahead, but.. this project is dead. noone will take you up on it.
Posted on 08-11-19, 01:30 am

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oh ok. but if there is anyone who i can talk to about this on the domain who needs assistance plz let me know!
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