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88 245Brick Block containing P Switch
Triggering event ID: value at nybble 0-1. If not set, the switch will always show. If set, the switch will only show while this event ID is activated. Slightly buggy if used with multiple use as the switch will pop back up immediately, which looks a bit strange and also causes Mario to be pushed into the air. No "real" glitch.
Target event ID: value at nybble 2-3
Settings: list at nybble 4: 0=None,1=Falls,2=Unknown 2,3=Unknown 3,4=Loads at midway. If 1, the switch will be movable by environment stuff, such as dropping down when bricks below it are destroyed, or riding along a conveyor belt. If 4, the switch will only show if the level has been started from a midway point.
Delay on multiple use: list at nybble 5: 0=Instantaneous (no delay),2=Short delay,3=Long delay,1=Very long delay,15=Unknown,6=Unknown 6. This will set how long the switch takes to pop up after the timer expires on a multiple use switch.
Non-timed event: checkbox at nybble 6 with mask 1
Switch mode: list at nybble 8: 0=Activates target (switches event state),1=Deactivates target (switches event state)
Usage mode: list at nybble 9: 0=Single use,1=Multiple use,2=Unknown
Shift ½ block right: checkbox at nybble 10 with mask 1
Upside down: checkbox at nybble 11 with mask 1. If this is checked, the switch will be facing down. Upside down switches cannot fall.
 poudink (rev. 14)