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Posted on 01-05-18, 09:35 am in New Super Mario Bros. Alpha Replica (rev. 2 by DeadSkullzJr on 01-05-18, 09:37 am)

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Posted by poudink
It may not be the good version of the USA version. I know there are 2 of them.

You literally can't get any more USA than this....I dumped a physical cartridge...I just dumped the game with the wood dumper tool earlier today and it still was the same information I provided above. I dumped my little brothers physical cartridge and sure enough I got the same results.

You can even compare the information I provided to the information found here with this link:

The problem is the patch, the author of the hack used an improper game dump, hence why it won't work. GodMode9 doesn't badly dump games either, so you can't blame its accuracy. I did not edit the game either, I merely dumped it raw into the gm9 folder.
Posted on 02-07-18, 06:09 pm in New Super Mario Bros, Yet Again!

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Posted by User5115
No patch this week I was busy, Maybe later

Your patch does not work with the PROPER dump:
File: New Super Mario Bros. (USA).nds
CRC-32: 0197576a
MD4: cf3ad14f281eeb1c375feaf55072ee9c
MD5: a2ddba012e5c3c2096d0be57cc273be5
SHA-1: a22713711b5cd58dfbafc9688dadea66c59888ce

This is an on going issue that ROM hackers really need to pay attention to if they want to make a proper ROM hack.
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