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Posted on 08-06-18, 07:27 pm in no level edits New Super Mario Bros. Modern
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Well, I know this has practically no chance to get approved to main forum, but I'm going to post it anyways. So, then, I proudly present New Super Mario Bros. Modern

What is this?

NSMB Modern's goal is to make good old NSMB look decent, without any major level edits.

What will it feature?

Basically nothing more than listed below, which is:
•Graphics ripped from newer NSMB games
•New music that doesn't replace anything among old tracks
•Corrected game mechanics
•Lots of familiar stuff

How much is left to be done?

Only polishing is left. Currently I am focusing on solving castle animations.

How does it look like?

I have some videos, but they aren't great, so will post screenshots instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How long were you working on it?
A:Including two earlier attempts, way before I joined this board.

Q:Do you have any sort of website?
A:Yes, I do. You can find it here:

Q:Is this playable on my DS/3DS?
A:Yes, it is. You need a flash cartridge for both and in case of 3DS you can hack it and install TWLoader (not recommended - banwave)

Q:Can I play Mario vs Luigi?
A:Yes, you can. It has been prepared good enough to be playable.

Q:When will it be released?
A:Release date is not specified yet. I guess it'll be somewhere this year. Newer DS compiling tools are needed.

Hope you'll enjoy the hack!

Posted on 08-07-18, 04:17 pm in Rips from Newer NSMB Titles (rev. 1 by NokNokShell on 08-07-18, 04:27 pm)
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I have made some NSMBU rips, so will post them here.
Links should not disappear.

NSMBU Volcano Outside


NSMBU Volcano Inside


NSLU Grassland


NSMBU Autumn Grassland

This tileset didn't exist in NSMBU, nor wasn't made by me, so credit its maker (@Stage13-10 from Horizon)
(Before you ask, I have been allowed to post it here)


All those tileset use 2 palettes

EDIT:Updated links to local uploader
Posted on 10-15-18, 06:33 pm in demo release New Super Mario Bros. U DS
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Good job. I like it.
Posted on 11-25-18, 07:36 am in NSMBWii Background Modifying
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If you have NSMBW game files, try to rip stuff from them, instead of "blanking out" anything.
Red Paragoomba

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Converting to OBJ depends on your model editor.

To convert to NSBMD, you do the following:

1. Open MKDS Course Modifier
2. Click File > New > NSBMD
(correct if I mistyped)
3. Select your OBJ file
4. ...
5. Profit?
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