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Posted on 11-25-18, 12:32 am

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I am working on ripping Mario from NSMBWii in a specific way. This requires me to blank out the background. I already made a custom stage, a flatworld, but I just don't know how to make a solid blue (NSMBW sky blue) background.
I appreciate any help I could get.

Thank you in advance
- Oxi
Posted on 11-25-18, 07:36 am

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If you have NSMBW game files, try to rip stuff from them, instead of "blanking out" anything.
Posted on 11-25-18, 07:27 pm

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Well, I've done that with most things, but I am trying to rip Mario. He is a model not a sprite sheet. and I am trying to rip him in a different size than his default. So I have to rip from the emulator otherwise it looks weird...
Posted on 11-27-18, 12:28 pm
Red Goomba
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you would need to simplify the models. also you'd need to scale the model too.

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Posted on 12-01-18, 04:17 am

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but I am using a simpler method, I just need to blank the background. I know its possible and I know ripping like how I am works, I just need to find out how to change the background.
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