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Posted on 03-10-19, 12:22 am in NSMB2 Tilesets (rev. 2 by  Hüseyin the Mighty on 11-01-20, 01:35 am)

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Post your custom tilesets here!

Newer Wii Autumn

the download is here

original tileset by the Newer Wii Team

ported and edited by me
Posted on 02-17-21, 11:47 am in tutorial Editing existing tile animations

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Adding new tile animations to NSMB2 without custom code isn't possible, but you can edit existing animations.

In this tutorial I will use one of the standard tilesets as an example (this works with any retail tileset that has tile animations.

Open CoinKiller and right click on one of the standard tilesets in the tileset tab. Go to "Open in sarc editor" and a new window will open.

Select one of the ctpk files in the BG_tex folder and export it.

Here is a list of the ctpk files:

File name
Tile animation
Gold Block
Question Block
Brick block
Blue Coin
Red Coin
Hidden Coin/Dash Coin

Once you exported one of the ctpk files, open it in Kukkii and import a new tile animation.

Save the edited ctpk file and import it back into the tileset. Then you are done.

List of problems why the custom tile animation might not work or crash the game:
  • Duplicating a tileset is going to break animations in the duplicate because the names don't match anymore.
  • Renaming a tileset is going to break animations too.
  • Importing a tile animation that has a different image size might cause problems.

Kukkii can be found here (Kukkii is a part of Kuriimu so download the latest release).
Posted on 12-07-20, 01:57 am in Super Mario Bros. Next

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SMBNext: The Lost Levels is now out! This contains a huge collection of cut content from SMBNext that spans around three years of development.

Download it here:
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