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1. Entrance Guide

1. Entrance Guide

Click the Door icon at the top to edit entrances.

+ Settings

• *Camera X:**

• *Camera Y:**

• *Entrance ID:** The ID associated with the entrance.

• *Destination ID:** The number of the area the pipe goes to. If not changing area, set to 0.

• *Destination Entrance:** The ID of the entrance it goes to.

• *Connected Pipe ID:** The ID of the //path// that makes up the pipe. Remember to check "Connected Pipe".

• *View:** The ID of the view the entrance //is currently in.// Not the destination view.

• *Exit Only:** Check this if you don't want the player to be able to enter, I.E. a one-way pipe.

• *<entrancesetting16>:** Not sure what it does.

• *Connected Pipe:** Check this if you're using a connected pipe. (Such as 7-A)

• *Display on Lower Screen:** Displays the view on the lower screen that the entrance //is currently in.//

+ Warp Pipe

Warp pipes are the way Mario gets around to different Views or Areas.

+ Simple Warp Pipe

First off, build a warp pipe using blocks. For this, I'll be using a upwards warp pipe, (object type 102)

• Place the warp pipe, make sure it's vertical. (And make sure it extends into the ground or is at least 3 blocks high.)
• Click the door icon, and add an entrance.
• Using shift+dragging, place it onto the top left part of the warp pipe.
• Click the drop down menu on the left side, select "Pipe facing Up." Set the View that it's in.
• (Note the Entrance ID if you plan to make it both ways.)
• Now go build another warp pipe somewhere else, make it horizontal this time.. (Either in the same Area or not.)
• Add an entrance, move it with shift+dragging, and place it at the top of the end.
• Set the entrance to "Pipe Facing Right."
• Check "Exit-Only." If it's in a different View, be sure to set the View it's in.
• Note it's Entrance ID, and select the first warp pipe entrance you created.
• Set the "Destination Area" to whatever area the second warp pipe is in (if you created it in another area) and set the Destination ID to the Entrance ID of the second warp pipe entrance.
• Save, and test it. It should work.

• *Troubleshooting:**
If you appear at the start of the level or in another spot not intended, check the "Destination ID".

If your camera appears somewhere without Mario, and then you die, check that the destination entrance has the View set correctly.

+ Connected Warp Pipe

For this, I'm gonna go ahead and make a pipe that goes up then a turn to the left. (Use Shift+dragging on a block to change length and height.) Use object 59 for a good looking turn.

Set that up, and add the entrances. You don't have to set a Destination ID.

• First, click the first path icon.
• Add a path, and set it up so the first square (0) is down 2 squares, and right 1 square from the leftmost entrance.
• Next, use Control+dragging to make two more squares, one at the top of the bottommost pipe, one to the bottom left of the //entrance//.
• Set up the paths with this trick.

Unknown 6:
0=Pipe facing down
1=Pipe facing right
2=Pipe facing up
3=Pipe facing left

In my pipe,
square 0 is //Unknown 6: 3//
square 2 is //Unknown 6: 0//

• Alright, now select each entrance, check "Connected Pipe", and set the Connected Pipe ID to the Path ID of the paths you just set up (IE. 0)
• For the entrance closest to the end of the path, set "Destination Area" to 1.
• Save and Play.

• *Troubleshooting**
If you enter the pipe, and a transition appears, check "connected pipe" on both entrances.

If you enter the pipe, then come back out immediately, doublecheck that the entrance closest to the end of the path has "Destination Area" set to 1, and that the "Connected Pipe ID" is correctly set.