NSMB Worldmap Editor

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The Worldmap Editor made by RicBent, currently it is able to edit all visible nodes, and make new animation path files. While this editor was replaced by Goombatlas by the same user, it is still the only editor to support the creation of animation paths.

1. Download

NSMB WMe v1.0
NSMB WMe v1.1
NSMB WMe v1.2
NSMB WMe v1.3
NSMB WMe v1.3.1

2. Changelog

v1.0: Initial release, containing an editor for the visible nodes.
v1.1: Added path animations reader, xml updates
v1.2: Added path animations frame editor
v1.3: Path animations editor 80% finished
v1.3.1: W6 Animation path count fix

3. GitHub reposity

NSMB WMe on Github

Posted by Mariomaster
The editor is open source, and I would be pleased if you would help with this project and contribute to it.