Jyotyu Tileset

1. Jyotyu Palette
2. List of graphics that use the Jyotyu Pallete
3. Important

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1. Jyotyu Palette

These files are the palettes used by the Jyotyu tileset:

2. List of graphics that use the Jyotyu Pallete

See also List of Bitmaps wich are using the jyotyu palette
Folder Bitmap 4bpp format
/BG_ncg d_2d_A_J_jyotyu no
/BG_ncg d_2d_TEN_A_J_jyotyu no
/obj A_block_hahen no
/obj A_block no
/obj A_OBJ_item_fontM_01 yes
/obj A_text_luigiclear yes
/obj A_text_luigilose yes
/obj A_text_luigistart yes
/obj A_text_luigiwin yes
/obj A_text_marioclear yes
/obj A_text_mariolose yes
/obj A_text_marioluigi yes
/obj A_text_mariostart yes
/obj A_text_mariowin yes
/obj A_text_timeup yes
/obj A_tikuwa_block no
/obj I_item no
/obj I_kakushitobira no
/obj I_minigame_block no
/obj I_minigame_item no
/obj I_obj_kira_I no
/obj I_obj_kira no
/obj I_obj_yajirushi no
/obj I_obj_yougan no

3. Important

When you click "import bitmap and recreate pallete" on a file that uses the Jyotyu Pallete, it will recreate the Jyotyu Pallete, with new colours.

Other objects use the Jyotyu Pallete, but they will not match up with the pallete anymore, because it has been modified to match the Jyotyu tileset, so you have to open all the files that use the pallete and the pallete open at the same time, then click "import bitmap and recreate pallete".
Or you can modify the Jyotyu Tileset with the built in editor which will not modify the Jyotyu Pallete.