Guide to Events

Event IDs above 64 activate/deactivate in a different way, so they do not have a use other than with the Special Event IDs and making switches and other event-using actors act weirdly.

1. Special Event IDs

IDs in hex.
  • 3E = Blue coin trail while event is active. Used.
  • 46 = Causes the unused "faded circle" screen transition to be used when using an entrance or exit. Unused
  • F3 = partial Starman effects. Unused?
  • F4 = partial Mega Mushroom effects. Unused?
  • EB = make inventory contain item with no icon. crashes when you release the item and it can't be replaced by other items. maybe defunct unused item? Unused?
  • F7 = locks camera into bottom left of view. mario isn't forced to be inside this camera, but he can't interact with actors outside the camera. Unused?

(source: Orengefox, Hiccup)

1.1. Examples

1.1.1. "Explode once jumped off" block


By RoadrunnerWMC