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Posted on 08-20-11, 06:39 pm
Super Mario
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So, yes, now this website has a nice blog-like main page, where all the latest news are displayed! This is good news because now I'll probably post more news and updates. Maybe we can feature your awesome ROM hacks when you release them, or links to tutorials, or whatever.

Do you like it? Do you have any improvements? Please comment!
Posted on 08-20-11, 06:49 pm

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Honestly, I dont like it at the moment.
It is another thing I will have to habituate to. But Probably, I will like it, once I am habituated to it.
Posted on 08-20-11, 06:50 pm
Super Mario
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You don't like it because it's new, or because it can be improved?
Posted on 08-20-11, 07:18 pm

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because it is new. But now I hae seen, I can add the "Forums" Button to the favourites. Now I will get linked always to the Forums and not to the News.
Posted on 08-20-11, 10:14 pm
Full mod

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I think it's a really nice feature, especially for people who are new to ROM hacking or this site, so they can get a general idea of what's going on.
Posted on 08-21-11, 03:35 am
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I also like it. I understand where PrO's coming from, but it hasn't been much of a bother to me, and when I logged on, I came in, saw that and was quite impressed. So yes, I do like it =3

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Posted on 08-21-11, 03:46 am
Did you win the game?

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I like it but I think that it should not show up when you log-in, you go straight to the forums, then if you click on main you get that page.
Posted on 08-22-11, 04:30 pm (rev. 2)
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What about my builds?

Could you also add a link to my builds too just in case the Mono builds don't work for some people for some reason?


EDIT: Could you also link to my guide too?

EDIT2: Thanks Dirbaio
Posted on 08-24-11, 11:17 am
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I like it. Reminds me of my Kuriblog software (see Kuribo64), look-wise. Except it's more integrated into the board
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Posted on 08-24-11, 11:54 am
Super Mario
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Yeah Your blog was one inspiration for it.
The other one was GBATemp (see how each piece of news links to its thread)
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