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I think the images in the editor should be clear about the conveyor belts speed, direction and part. Because just showing the in-game graphics is not clear even if the tile descriptions are correct.

There should be a toggle to choose if this feature is on or off

Example of in-editor graphics:

Posted on 06-03-12, 06:05 pm
Roy Koopa

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Oh yeah! That would be very useful. That alwayss bothered me
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Posted on 06-03-12, 08:54 pm
Full mod

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Could you make a list of which tile numbers correspond to which conveyor belt type? The editor already has a system for displaying graphics on top of the ? blocks, so this should be pretty easy to implement.
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Super Mario
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Well, the editor has support for extra stuff over Tileset 0.
This would be based on tile behaviors. (I guess the speed and direction is determined by tile behaviors?)

So it'd be "pretty easy" to implement, yea, but we shouldn't just hardcode the object numbers and display something on top

In fact, tileset 0 overlays could should also be based on behaviors ...
Posted on 06-04-12, 01:21 pm
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Yeah that's true, the less stuff that's hardcoded, the better. It works fine with tileset 0 because no one is probably going to edit it much, but this one could be changed around a lot. I'll look into the tile behaviors and see if I can figure them out.
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Sorry bump here,

I offer here a little visual map in order to help new members like me.
Because some time I was dizzy and I lost myself while doing some levels.

Pic: a simple map

And I would like take the opportunity to link the version 380b, gently updated by MeroMero (Aug., 2016), in the case of new members fall in this thread. It's includes an interesting solution to the functionality, which includes a visual indicator on the original tiles.

Pic: visual indicator

[] -P

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