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Posted on 07-15-12, 05:36 am
Roy Koopa
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-Make sure you provide everything the player needs to get through the level. E.g. Koopa Shells by masses of Brick Blocks.

-Don't do anything Nintendo wouldn't do. Add plausibility to your levels so the player believes that the hack could be an official game.

-Don't turn a Remake into a port. If people wanted to play SMB1 for example, they'd just play the NES Game. Update the Graphics, don't downgrade them (unless that's your artistic intention). Add some new levels, as long as they don't stray too far away from the design styles of the original game. E.g. Don't do an SKJmin.

-If it's been done once, that's enough. E.g. You designed a really great level, take inspiration from it for your new levels, but don't try to recreate it in a different skin.

-Add Easter Eggs! Little secrets here and there are what keep people playing.
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Posted on 07-30-12, 11:50 am
Buzzy Beetle
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Test it.

Players do NOT want to play a looking-bad hack.
Test it. Check where is corrupted, graphic wrongs, where makes levels slowdown a lot, unsuited BG(sewer BG and grassland tileset for an example), etc.
Maybe you can't find some unusual fail,(like only freeze when you play small Mario), but at least you can release a better, unbuggy hack.
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Posted on 08-08-12, 04:13 am (rev. 1 by  gridatttack on 08-08-12, 04:16 am)

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Im honestly not going with the unmatching tilesets and BG. If that's the main purpose, i guess its correct to to use it. Just look at SMW2: Yoshi island, some levels has non matching BG and tilesets and they look good.

Posted on 08-08-12, 04:22 am
Buzzy Beetle
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So...I said unsuited, not unmatched.

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Posted on 08-08-12, 04:24 am

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Posted by unknown object
So...I said unsuited, not unmatched.

That counts too. <_<

However, I agree on some really being unsuited, like the combination you mentioned. I cant think how bad the level would look...

Posted on 08-08-12, 04:30 am
Buzzy Beetle
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Anyway, look for NSMB's cannon level, the bottom BG is not match to the tileset, but they suit.
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Posted on 08-08-12, 01:55 pm
Super Mario
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Well, cannons use a non-matched BG on purpose. The Top BG uses the theme of the actual world and the bottom BG uses the theme of the destination world. So that makes sense to have in a cannon level.

But in normal levels, unless there's a good reason, don't mix different themes of BG/tilesets, because it'd look reaaaally weird.
Posted on 08-08-12, 07:42 pm

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Make sure that each level is different - even if it is only a small differance,
because if all the levels are the same the game will be boring.
The level's theme needs to be different especialy.
By theme I don't mean tileset or background I mean the type of chalenge the level gives you.

Watch somebody else playing your level - not testing the level, just playing it normaly.
Then you can see which parts they find anoying or don't know what to do in and most importantly if the levels chalenge 'theme' is interesting or chalenging enough. You need to get people who are good at the game and bad at the game to play it.
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Posted on 08-08-12, 08:11 pm
Roy Koopa

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Uhm yes o0 Like I said I got the from Riivoultution but changed them a bit.
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Posted on 01-10-13, 11:27 am (rev. 1 by xCink on 01-10-13, 03:15 pm)

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1# Don't overuse powerups such as mushrooms and flowers try to balance them in order to make a good hack. For instance before entering a "more difficult" part of your level. Otherwise it will be quite impossible/ or to easy to complete a level..

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Posted on 09-08-13, 12:35 pm (rev. 1 by  snake block on 09-08-13, 12:41 pm)

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Posted by Mega-Mario
You should adjust those a bit, as most of this appears to be a straight copypasta from Riivolution. Some of the things that apply to NSMBWii don't apply to NSMBDS (namely that Spinning log sprite).

I'm also tempted to make another rule. Next person who releases a 'New Super Mario Bros. N' hack gets banned. Or well, not that strict, we're not Jul, but the general lack of originality around here is tiring.

Um, what? Getting banned for just naming a hack? :o

And here I go on-topic:

Make sure each of ground pieces use edge tiles.
Ground which doesn't use edges doesn't, and WON'T look good. Make sure you add edge tiles, and wall tiles on ground pieces. Also to the edges of pits.
Make sure that, when you make bottom-less pits, make sure to extend the ground OVER the view.
Make sure you do. If you don't, Mario/Luigi falls in the pit, and they can still move around. So it would look like they are still alive. Making walls out of the zone on the left and right of bottom-less pits will prevent this.
Make sure, if you put any sprites etc. which shake the screen in some instances, make sure to put at least one tile of ground out of the view.
That's because, when the sprite(s) etc. shake the screen, it can reveal there is nothing out of the view. So it would look bad. Doing this would prevent that from happening.
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Posted on 09-10-13, 10:40 pm

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Thanks for the tips!
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Posted on 03-24-18, 03:49 am

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Kaizo only works on Super Mario World
Posted on 04-11-18, 02:26 pm
Secret Locker

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I'll keep these tips in mind while making levels.
Posted on 05-01-22, 12:27 am

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What's wrong with 'kaizo stuff'?
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