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Posted on 05-22-12, 12:06 am

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This contest is to see who can make the best remake of a level. It can be any level, just so long as it's not actually from NSMB. You may include tilesets with your level. The due date is August 1, 2012. This level may or may not be coupled with other levels, and can even be part of a full game. However, the only compiling instructions should be to patch it normally. You don't have to make it specifically for this contest; you can have already posted it. The winner will have their remake featured in my upcoming game!
Posted on 05-22-12, 12:51 pm
Fuzz Ball
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Gotta remake the remake again..

BTW do we have to submit only a level or a full-remake?

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Posted on 05-22-12, 01:39 pm
Buzzy Beetle
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Can we change some part of the level?
Or it'll be nonsense, because then the levels choose the winner.
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Posted on 05-22-12, 09:24 pm

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Posted by unknown object
Can we change some part of the level?
Or it'll be nonsense, because then the levels choose the winner.

Exactly this.
Can we add other objects and areas? Because like unknown object said, the level would choose the winner.

Posted on 05-23-12, 01:07 am

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Yes, you can change the levels around a bit. They can be a full remake, but do not have to be. You will be judged on both how faithfully you remade the levels and how well you changed them to fit your purpose.
Posted on 05-26-12, 08:10 pm

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Quick update: please post it with a tileset.
Posted on 06-16-12, 01:02 am

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I haven't given up yet!
Posted on 06-16-12, 10:38 am
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20-day bump. This is telling something.

This kind of contest is a silly idea to begin with. Originality is rare enough around here, we don't need no copycat contests.
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