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Posted on 07-06-11, 03:16 am
Buster Beetle

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It would be nice if when you sign in, it forwards you back to the post you were looking at. So, if I am not signed in, and I try to post, I have to go search again to find the post I was trying to reply in. Rustedlogic did this too, but sometimes I forget the title of the post I was trying to reply in, and just give up and catch it the next time or not at all.
Posted on 07-06-11, 04:26 am

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If you were posting from being logged out, and it successfully posted, it would bump the thread you were posting in to the top of the subforum's thread list, and update the index to show:

<invalid forum ID>

Last post [timestamp] by [you]

So finding your post again should be relatively easy regardless. I fail to see an issue here.
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Posted on 07-06-11, 04:58 am

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I don't really see an issue with that. Why can't people just log in first? It's common sense, if you are going to post then log in first.
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Posted on 07-06-11, 09:51 am
Super Mario
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Yeah, it's not much of a problem but it'd be a nice addition. I'll see what I can do
Posted on 07-07-11, 09:34 am

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ABXD does not have such a feature.
You could maybe get them to implement it though by asking about it in the suggestions sticky in here.
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