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Posted on 04-16-12, 02:21 pm
Buzzy Beetle
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Just curious...
What's the different between "off","-"and"X"?
I saw these three signs left of some title.

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Posted on 04-16-12, 03:01 pm
Fuzz Ball
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I think the "off" is already changed into "X". So it's the same. It's a closed thread.
While "-" is an inactive thread, I think. Because you can still post there.
I wonder what's the truth?
You make me curious too!

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Posted on 04-16-12, 03:09 pm
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'-' is for old threads (threads that didn't get a reply since one or two months, or whatever the setting is here) indeed.

As for 'off' and 'hot'. At some point the thread markers were changed from textual markers to symbols, to support internationalization. But there have been some leftovers. I remember seeing 'hot' somewhere, but it seems like it has been fixed by then.
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Posted on 04-16-12, 03:46 pm
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This board, before being updated to 3.0 dev, was using the "new", "off", "hot" markers, like Jul. Now it's changed
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