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Posted on 03-16-12, 01:20 pm

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i don't know how to link pipes help me please
Posted on 03-16-12, 01:43 pm (rev. 3)

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..... Would be helpful if you uh... said whether you need help with "Connected Pipes" or just regular transportation between them (more info you post the easier it is for people to respond).

EDIT: Hmm... Now that I think about it I think you mean "Connected Pipes". Please excuse my tiredness which led to that assumption.

EDIT 2: If you can't get it working just copy it from a level that does. Always seems to work that way (with me anyway, probably others too). Then go about editing it, if it screws up change the settings back.
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Posted on 03-17-12, 02:29 am
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This, is from the other thread
Posted by mariosunshine
Just remember that you've to set the unknown 6 of the path for the nodes which entrance/exit exist.
Pipe facing up - 2
Pipe facing down - 0
Pipe facing left - 3
Pipe facing right - 1

And also, the node that serves this unknown 6's setting has to place in corresponding laces.
Pipe facing up - 2 tiles down, 1 tile right from the entrance.
Pipe facing down - 1 tile down, 1 tile right from the entrance.
Pipe facing left - 2 tiles down, 1 tile right from the entrance.
Pipe facing right - 2 tiles down from the entrance.

Hope you get these...

And remember,
1. connect pipe entrance should be in same view
2. Set "destination entrance" to 0
3. Check "connect pipe"

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Posted on 06-07-12, 09:53 pm

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But then you would have to add a path
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