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Posted on 01-25-12, 10:32 pm (rev. 1)

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So, does/has anyone here play/heard of Mario Kart Wii CTs?
The main reason I made this was because I found someone called Mega Mario in a CT WorldWide and I was wondering if it was the same one who comes here, but I'd also like to know if anyone else knows of them.
And for those interested, yes this is what I've been doing with my time, that's why I rarely appear here much.
Posted on 01-26-12, 03:59 am (rev. 1)

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Yeah, I always wanted to make a CT for mario kart wii. I have plenty of models made in sketchup, but since I fail at using SZS modifier/CTools, I cant get them in the game

Making mario kart tracks has always been one of my faves things to do, but right now I am limited only at super mario kart for the SNES...

Posted on 01-27-12, 05:54 am
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I've seen many custom MK Wii Tracks and I'm really impressed by the detail of some of these people. When I was making levels for SM64 with Blender, I found it challenging to make models that even the N64 could handle, so I appreciate the effort people are going to to hack MKW. Though I can't play them because my Wii's dead.
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