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Posted on 04-18-22, 10:52 am

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I'm a complete newb when it comes to modding, but I have some fun ideass that I'd like to realize. I just wanted to see if someone could give me step-by-step instructions on making a modded character for NSMBDS.
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There is this guide which can be followed to replace models: (It is not limited to world maps, but to all models)
I recommend using MKDSTool which has a good .nsbmd to .obj tool and .obj to .nsbmd tool instead of using the tools provided in that tutorial for the converting process. If you can afford it, SketchUp pro is a good tool for model modifying, if not just use blender.

For editing characters however, you need to also bones
The playable character models also have separate heads from bodies, so you can just simply change the head if you want to avoid the lengthy process.
I do not know much about the bone editing process however.

The files you will need for this can be found in the "player" folder of the rom's files in the file browser of NSMBE

Hopefully this helps you a little bit, but character modding is hard.

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nld made a guide recently on how to replace the player model correctly
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Posted on 04-18-22, 09:40 pm
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