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Posted on 01-12-22, 07:02 am (rev. 1 by Kite on 01-12-22, 07:07 am)

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Hello i need some help with some questions and i hope this is the right forum or something? (My english is very bad, i´m sorry.)

I done a Autoscroll level, and it works very well, but now i have the problem that the camera doesn´t scroll vertically, if i got enough high. Is there a way to fix it? If i delete Autoscroll, then it works perfectly with the vertically scroll, but with that it´s pain

Oh and is there a way to edit the bottom screen "Level Path" graphic. If i edit the picture of the level path line, then its like if i didn´t edited that.

last question... how works the Mario Model? i want to customize it, but i dont know how. If i open the picture, it looks like a... i think a minecraft skin as PNG? i dont know... I tried to convert a model.obj from blender with MKDS Course Modifer to .nsbmd but the game crash after that, so i made it all undone.

I´m pretty new to this, but i think i can handle most and i want to finish my first hack^^
Thanks to everyone who is helping me
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Buzzy Beetle

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About the Mario model, it needs to be animated, so you can't use a NSBMD made with MKDSCM from an OBJ.

You'll need Blender NNS plugins to make an animated model, but the stock NSBCA probably won't work (animation glitches), due to different bone structures

And remaking the NSBCA would be a huge lot of work, as the names likely need to be the same as those of original NSBCA

Tutorial here:
Posted on 01-12-22, 10:19 pm

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this will be a huge lot of work for me... but i don´t want to give up^^" i do 100% or nothing.

Thank you, for your answer
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