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Posted on 01-07-22, 12:54 pm

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I've noticed that some backgrounds are seemingly copied for both the top and bottom layers of backgrounds, and sometimes the copies change more than the backgrounds. Brick and ? blocks change colors, and one background even prevented music from playing somehow. Could be more changes, but I'm not sure.

Problem is, I can't tell what properties the backgrounds do change. The editor only labels them with a slot number and what the background is of, not the changes it'll make to the level itself.

Is there an easy way to see what changes will be made without having to repeatedly reload a level, and is it possible to override one of these changes (making blocks turn blue instead of grey, for example)?
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Unfortunately there is no set list for all of the things hardcoded to the bg slots or a way to preview them in the editor.

However, you can easily change what color of the jyotyu tileset is used by following this tutorial: tutorial Changing which Tileset 0 Palette is used for each BG
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