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Posted on 08-21-21, 12:13 pm

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Such as title,I just used nsmbe for two days。I have some problems....because i find that i cant use the mob the level havent used.
but I found newer can use it。I want to know how to use it,like use bomb omb in 1-1level。。。the camera control It's also hard to me.And few people in China know this...So I hope someone can give me some help。

sorry about my English (because im Chinese)
Posted on 08-21-21, 03:04 pm

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To use sprites that are not present in the existing level you have to enable them in the sprite sets which you can find in the level parameters.

That should remove the red background from the new sprites you placed. Also note that not all sprite combinations are possible.

To understand the camera controls the best way is looking at how the camera sprites are used in existing levels. If you got further questions you can also try the search feature which you can find in the navigation sidebar. There have been quite a few answered questions regarding camera stuff on this board
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Posted on 08-21-21, 03:09 pm

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@RicBent Thank you!i ll try it。
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