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Posted on 06-14-21, 02:22 pm

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Things you will need:
and of course a romfs of nsmb2.

Step 1: Once Kuriimu has downloaded, extract it and open the 'Kukkii' application file.
Step 2: Once Kukkii is open, you will need to hover over 'file' then press open.
Step 3: a file manager window will pop up, what you want to do is navigate to your romfs, and go to Model/Demo/ and then select 'title_logo' (if you are playing gold edition it will be 'title_logo_ge' instead.)
Step 4: You will now have 3 (4 if you're on gold edition) pictures like this:
(Mine looks different as I have already edited my logo.) Now you want to click the 'import image' button on the top left and replace the 3-4 files with your logo.
Step 5: Once you are done, press the save button on the top left.
You're done! Hooray! I hope you have found this tutorial helpful, give me feedback if you have any issues. This is my first tutorial on this game so tell me if its alright!
Posted on 06-14-21, 10:54 pm

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i just used ohana3ds to do mine.

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Posted on 06-26-21, 08:14 am

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Posted by buddyroach
i just used ohana3ds to do mine.

I have quite a few problems with ohana3ds, this tutorial is probably simpler.
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