Is this 1-2 OK?
This 1-2 is good enough.
This 1-2 has something need to update.
This 1-2 has something need to fix.
This 1-2 is a f***ing sh!t level.
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Posted on 06-03-21, 12:45 pm

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This 1-2 is FULLY ORIGINAL.I deleted the old level and remade this new one.

Post your feelings here(and don't forget do that vote!) so I can figure out what should I do next.
oh and btw:
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Posted on 06-03-21, 12:49 pm

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please don't create a new thread for each level you make
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Posted on 06-03-21, 12:51 pm

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Don't make a thread for something like this... The thread for your hack exists for a reason. Keep it there.
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