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Posted on 01-06-21, 10:10 pm

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Hello dear NSMBHD members,
I am currently looking for more team members for my NSMBW hack called "Bowsers New Recruit". This hack will be about the same as the original NSMBW, but should be a little more difficult. The story is that Princess Peach has been kidnapped by the Koopalings again, but this time an unknown minion was involved.

Here are some pictures:

- Level Designer
- 3D Modeler
- Programmer

If you want to help or learn more, contact me on Discord: LiQ#4129
Posted on 01-07-21, 08:36 pm

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Actual original levels are cool.
My 2 current NSMB Hacking projects, NSMB Adventure DS, and NSMB Adventure Wii. Download NSMB Adventure here
Posted on 01-07-21, 11:58 pm
When the

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I could help with 3D Models if you are still looking for people.
Posted on 01-08-21, 01:15 am

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MarioFalls yes I am still looking for people. Answer me by PM.
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