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Posted on 07-01-11, 06:43 pm (rev. 1 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 02:08 am)

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So here's a hack I've been working on for a while. It's still a WIP, but it's pretty far along.
Posted on 07-01-11, 06:56 pm
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In the last screenshot, those candles should be fixed... also, invisible platforms? Not nice.

Aside from that, the hack seems nice enough... the idea behind it is interesting.
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Posted on 07-01-11, 07:11 pm

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Posted by Mega-Mario
also, invisible platforms? Not nice.

You can get through them, because there are the beatles <_<
Posted on 07-02-11, 12:14 am
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Yes, but invisible platforms are still a design I would avoid like plague if I was making a NSMB hack. Like platforms hidden right under the camera.
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Posted on 07-02-11, 05:02 am

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Do you know how to fix the candle? I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
Posted on 07-02-11, 08:12 am

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I think it is a wrong combination of the 2 BGs.
Then the candles turn black.
Posted on 07-02-11, 08:59 am
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The idea is nice
See a lots of creative DS Hacking here
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Posted on 07-20-11, 08:39 am
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As said, I do also like the idea of this. Though invisible platforms are a no-go in any platformer.. i mean, if they faded, it wouldn't be so bad, but yeah..

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Posted by Link 70222


LOL, nice find. I assume you found that in a file in NSMB? Dirbaio said that might be the name of the account NSMB was compiled on.

That name keeps reminding me of those docs of the Nitro system from Nintendo...
Posted on 10-16-11, 07:20 am
Red Paragoomba
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when i try running it it shows the rom image has crashed
Posted on 10-16-11, 07:29 am

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It crashes because it's not a rom, it's a patch
You need to go to the level editor, click on the tools/options tab, and import the patch. (but do remember to save your levels first if you made any )
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Posted on 12-18-11, 05:42 am
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Hey! in the second screenshot that tileset reminds me of sonic the hedgehog 2's grass tileset did you use that or just made that yourself?
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