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Posted on 11-18-20, 07:53 pm (rev. 4 by Weebu898YT on 11-23-20, 12:51 pm)

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This hack is just now going into development this is (for right now) a 1 person job this hack will be in development for a while if you would like to join me in development of this hack I would appreciate it as I am a 14 year old with no hacking experience. This hack has a name and plenty of ideas if you want to see updates on this hack as it goes on visit my YouTube channel as updates will be available in a couple of months. (support me on this channel and as well for updates on the hack in a couple of months this is a gaming channel and I am ambitious about this hack This will be a simple remake of New Super Mario Bros Wii in the New Super Mario Bros DS engine development will probably start next in the near future please tell me if you want to see some extras in this hack as well as if you want to help me with development.

We now have 2 people on the team, and development has been split between the 2 of us and hopefully development goes by faster and putting in custom assets may take less time.
Posted on 11-20-20, 05:43 pm (rev. 3 by ShadowMario321 on 11-24-20, 10:43 pm)

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How are u going to recreate powerups and sprites if u can't asm hacking also i saw guy that is working on other nsmbwiids hackrom and its based on newer ds engine!
Posted on 11-23-20, 12:52 pm

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Me and the other person are going to be working on that soon we are going to make the levels first and then create the costom assets.
Posted on 11-25-20, 01:05 pm
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Hello! It's stated in the forum rules that screenshots and/or videos must be provided to submit a new hack here.
You've added a link to your YouTube channel but there's no footage of your hack there, and there are no screenshots here. Without content to share about your hack, there's no need for this thread to exist.

Do you have any content from your hack to share at this time?
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