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NSMB Utils

Henlo. It's a long time that i don't post useful stuff here, but now let me present you NSMB Utils!

NSMB Utils is an ASM hack for NSMB that includes a Cheat Menu, an Address Viewer and a Ram Viewer. For now this menu can be only used in the level scene. It works in MvsL too.

The Cheat Menu

In the Cheat Menu at the moment there are 10 cheats, for each cheat there is an info in the menu. The cheats are:

•Random Animation
•Powerup Cycle
•Slow Fall
•Starman Switch
•Kill Switch
•Fireball Abuse
•Fast Move
•Wall Clip
•Size Changer

The Address Viewer

In the Address Viewer you can add multiple addresses with a max of 14 to see their values directly while playing. The addresses must be in a range of 0x03810000 - 0x01ff8000.

The ram viewer

As the name says, here you can see ram values in 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit. Like the Address Viewer, the address must be in the same range (0x03810000 - 0x01ff8000).

How to use

first, Import the code with the ASM Patch Template from the "source" folder in the github repo.
Then add the new files from the "source_tex" folder of the repo into the rom with a tool that is able to do that (i reccomend to you Every File Explorer).

To open the menu just press [start] while in a level to open the pause menu, and then press [select] to initialize the NSMB Utils's menu. The specific controls for the menu are shown in the bottom part of the bottom screen. The Utils menu will close every time you resume the level, except when you are using the Address Viewer or the Ram Viewer. Unfortunatly the options in the pause menu are disabled to avoid some graphical glitches.



The code is open source in the Github repository.


This project wasn't possible without the help of:

Ed_IT for general help and for the original NSMB Console code;
 TheGameratorT for general help, for most of the Cheats and for fixing crappy multiplayer bugs;
Overblade for helping me cleaning the code, for testing it and for general help as well.

Youtube - GitHub - NSMB Central
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