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Posted on 09-08-20, 12:00 am

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Hi, I have never coded or hacked a game before but over the summer I got a few DS' and some COD Black Ops just to see how they were. And to my surprise it actually was a pretty decent experience. So naturally I got to thinking on how I could make the game better, with little things here and there like new guns and a new intro and more extensive things like new maps and most importantly bots. I was hoping some people could point me in the right direction or if this is even worth my time. Thanks so much for your time.
Posted on 09-08-20, 11:42 am

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I don't think any of those things you want to edit are defined in files stored in the ROM.

That means your only real option is going to be reverse engineering the code of the game and figuring out how the game works. This requires knowledge of C++/C and especially ARM assembly though.
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