Who Can Help Me Get The Programs For NSMB Hacking On Mac OS?
You know how to nsmb hack on Mac
You can't tell me how
You don't even remember
Your new here and don't know how(like me
you can tell me how
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Posted on 08-27-20, 08:03 pm

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Hi, TJGaming here. I've wanted to know how to make a nsmb hack for a L O N G time now. but I only have a Mac, and my old aleinware windows 10 is slow and dead. so..............I need help from you mega gaminators and help me learn how to make a hack of nsmb ds, on Mac OS. ok, see ya!
Posted on 10-09-20, 03:10 am

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You need a ROM (of course), Wine: https://www.winehq.org/ , and NSMBe: https://nsmbhd.net/download/

1. Open Wine
2. Open NSMBe in Wine
3. Click Open ROM and select your ROM
4. You're done!

Posted on 10-09-20, 12:32 pm

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