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Posted on 07-15-20, 11:06 pm

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Ok, so when I drag my midi over to midi2sseq, a black window comes up for a split second and I don't end up getting an sseq file. Instead I just get nothing. However, sseq2midi does work and does convert sseq files to midi files. So why wont midi2sseq make an sseq file? And the program just makes a black window for a split second even when I click on the program itself so I can't tyme any commands into it. Plus my computer doesn't even have "Open Command Window In Here" in the context menu when I use shift and right click. Instead it says open powershell window instead of command window. Ive tried methods on trying to get it back, but nothings worked. So can someone try and help to get midi2sseq working or find me a version of the program that actually works?
Posted on 07-16-20, 12:20 pm

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mabye use that tool:

I have a hack! it's called Harder Super Mario Bros DS
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