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A01_1 1-1 area 1
A01_2 1-1 area 2
A01_3 1-1 area 3
A02_1 1-2 area 1

This would be extremely appreciated, as it gets way too confusing going further down the list. I don't know what stages are ?-A, ghost house, castle, stuff like that. The editor (as far as I can tell) doesn't tell you the file name of the area that is being edited, and yes I am aware this doesn't need to be known for level editing.

The "List of Levels" xml on the wiki might have been it, but it says it was deleted and no longer exists. Any help would be much appreciated.
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World 1-1|A01|3
World 1-2|A02|3
World 1-3|A03|1
W1 Tower|A07|3
World 1-4|A04|3
World 1-5|A05|2
W1 Castle|A08|3
World 1-A|A06|2
Cannon (W1 to W5)|A09|1
World 2-1|B01|3
World 2-2|B02|2
World 2-3|B03|2
World 2-4|B04|2
W2 Tower|B08|3
World 2-5|B05|2
World 2-6|B06|2
W2 Castle|B09|3
World 2-A|B07|3
Cannon (W2 to W5)|B10|1
World 3-1|C01|2
World 3-2|C02|2
W3 Tower|C08|2
World 3-3|C03|3
W3 Ghost House|C07|3
W3 Castle|C09|2
World 3-A|C04|3
World 3-B|C05|2
World 3-C|C06|2
Cannon (W3 to W6)|C10|1
World 4-1|D01|1
World 4-2|D02|2
World 4-3|D03|2
W4 Tower|D09|2
World 4-4|D04|2
W4 Ghost House|D08|3
World 4-5|D05|3
World 4-6|D06|2
W4 Castle|D10|2
World 4-A|D07|2
Cannon (W4 to W7)|D11|1
World 5-1|E01|1
World 5-2|E02|2
W5 Tower|E09|2
World 5-3|E03|2
W5 Ghost House|E08|3
World 5-4|E04|1
W5 Castle|E10|2
World 5-A|E05|2
World 5-B|E06|1
World 5-C|E07|2
Cannon (W5 to W8)|E11|1
World 6-1|F01|2
World 6-2|F02|2
W6 Tower 1|F09|2
World 6-3|F03|2
World 6-4|F04|1
W6 Tower 2|F10|2
World 6-5|F05|2
World 6-6|F06|3
W6 Castle|F11|2
World 6-A|F07|2
World 6-B|F08|1
Unused Cannon (W6 to W8)|F12|1
World 7-1|G01|1
W7 Ghost House|G09|3
World 7-2|G02|2
World 7-3|G03|2
W7 Tower|G10|2
World 7-4|G04|1
World 7-5|G05|3
World 7-6|G06|3
World 7-7|G07|1
World 7-A|G08|2
W7 Castle|G11|2
World 8-1|H01|2
World 8-2|H02|3
W8 Tower 1|H09|2
World 8-3|H03|2
World 8-4|H04|2
W8 Castle|H11|2
World 8-5|H05|2
World 8-6|H06|2
World 8-7|H07|1
World 8-8|H08|2
W8 Tower 2|H10|2
W8 Final Castle|H12|3
1-Up Bonus Game|I01|1
Item Bonus Game|I02|1
Mega Mushroom Bonus Game|I03|1
Bottom Screen Background Chooser|I04|1
MvsL - SMB 1-1|J01|1
MvsL - Underground|J02|1
MvsL - Ice World|J03|1
MvsL - Pipe World|J04|1
MvsL - Castle|J05|1
Unused Level 1|J06|1
Unused Level 2|J07|1
Unused Level 3|J08|1
Unused Level 4|J09|1
Unused Level 5|J10|1

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